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Nancy fills Boone in on the latest school gossip about a hated teacher, and Boone tells Nancy about the stash of shine (and immediately wonders if that was a huge mistake).

Gamaliel's daughter asks Boone to watch the house while the old man is in the hospital for some routine tests; Gamaliel cautions Boone about keeping their project secure.

Boone goes back to school (in a way), and ends up on a first-name basis with Mr. Everett.

Boone discovers a few surprises about Mr. Everett's relationship with his father, and comes to an agreement with the old man.

Boone finally gets Nancy to visit him at home, but things don't go as planned.

Boone brings a gift along on his next visit with Mr. Everett and gets a surprise. His old neighbor is a lot more interesting than he thought.

Boone meets his neighbor's daughter and son-in-law and has another run-in with Deputy Anderson.

Boone has his first encounter with local law enforcement since the incident with his father, and makes a discovery in the woods behind his house.

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