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November 19, 2021  

A Rough Sketch of Boone as Everyman

Exploring the ideas and themes behind the Boone series, and how shutting out the marginalized makes us weaker as a society.

July 23, 2020  

This is Where We Stand

This is the essay I wrote for Karen Krogh's book, "Love is the Spirit: the journey of a courageous and resilient community," her photographic portrayal of the year following the TVUUC shooting. July 27 is the anniversary date.

April 13, 2020  

Journey: Part Four

In the final part of the teen's journey, he begins reaching out to his peers to share what he has begun to learn.

April 13, 2020  

Journey: Part Three

In Part Three, the teen and his mentor begin looking ahead to his release from the confines of the alternative school and what steps he needs to make next.

April 13, 2020  

Journey: Part Two

In Part Two, the teen, at first combative and mistrustful, begins to form a relationship with his counselor.

April 13, 2020  

Journey: Part One

Part One of an anonymous teen's journey from rage and mistrust to the beginnings of self-awareness. Set in an alternative high school, the teen is full of anger and resentment, spoiling for a fight and viewing all adults as the enemy.

December 18, 2019  

“Pushing Back,” Chapter Thirty-eight

Boone pays a long overdue visit to his father's grave.

December 11, 2019  

“Pushing Back,” chapter Thirty-seven

Boone agrees to a request from Carrie and gets a cryptic message from Gamaliel.

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